About – Drive Thru History: America

The Drive Thru History curriculum is divided into nine units followed by a final assessment component-all of which are designed to meet state-mandated curriculum guidelines. The units include the following components:

The Drive Thru Histiory America teacher's guide lists the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) standards with which each unit aligns. The teacher's guide also includes student performance expectations for each unit. In the student edition, there are significant questions for students to preview at the beginning of the lesson and consider throughout the unit.

Fasten Your Seat Belt provides a brief introduction to the historical figure. Primary achievements of the Patriot are mentioned in this section. Also, significant questions for the student to consider will be previewed.

Drive Thru History is the video presentation for each character. Each video segment lasts approximately ten minutes. Discussion questions are included for guiding students into deeper understanding of the material presented.

A Look in the Rearview Mirror focuses on a particular incident or series of events in the formative years for each character. Students will be encouraged to reflect on how these early lessons impacted the future of each individual.

Historical Marker gives students a glimpse into a significant contribution the Revolutionary figure made for the new nation. Stories included in this section provide the historical context for this individual and highlight his or her notable achievements. Students are encouraged to evaluate the contributions of the Founding Fathers as models of civic virtue.

School Zone Ahead offers teachers cross-curricular connections designed so that the content integrates various subject areas. Ideas for science, language arts, history, geography, math, technology, art, and family and consumer science activities are provided. Students identify various points of view and apply critical thinking skills as they interpret information, analyze data, and engage in various activities.

Right of Way highlights virtues exemplified in the lives of the historical figures. This segment allows students to glimpse character traits such as integrity and courage and to observe how these attributes defined their leadership styles and personal lives.

You're in the Driver's Seat places students in a position to examine their own lives-their thoughts and actions. Some of the exercises encourage independent reflection; others are designed to motivate students for action. Students are encouraged to apply critical thinking skills, draw conclusions, and make responsible decisions.

Worldview examines a significant question across various disciplines, such as philosophy, ethics, biology, sociology, and economics. This segment investigates the worldview that guided the men and women in this series. They understood that a foundation built on moral character from God's Word was the hope for the new nation. Students will examine the core beliefs that led to specific actions taken by these patriotic citizens.

Map Your Way includes actual words spoken by the Founders as they testified to their belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. For those whose writings are scarce, eyewitness reports verify the authenticity of their relationship with God.

Supplemental Teacher Material is found at the end of each unit. This is where teachers will find answer keys, as well as lists of topics they might select for further study with their students. These topics include geography/places, historical events/context, individuals and groups of people, and key terms. Additional resources are also listed for further reference.

These influential Americans, who lived and served during the formative years of the United States, shared a legacy of faith and a commitment to both God and country. The goal of this curriculum is to restore their legacy and raise up a new generation of Americans who not only understand their heritage but who have the character to rebuild it, as they light the way for a brighter future.